Capturing The Moment

For most of us, life is fast paced. We move fast, our children grow quick and our circumstances change quickly. The recent international events in New Zealand and Japan have given me cause to pause, take stock and recalculate.

These events have left a trail of suffering and incited a need for unity to help those affected. They have also brought a perspective on the rest of the worlds events…I hope. I say that ‘I hope’ because it seems that people (including yours faithful) reflect for a minute on how their problems are ‘not really that bad’ before getting back into a catastrophising mode. I wont go into any examples here because reducing someone’s subjective problem is the very thing I would like to challenge. But I would encourage us all to take a moment to pause and consider our lives in relation to those affected by recent events in Egypt, Libya, New Zealand and Japan. Just take a moment.

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