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Its been one of those hectic weeks with plenty of surprises. Most of the clinical team that I manage have been on summer annual leave so I have had the pleasure of stepping in their shoes to offer clinical support to the people using our service.  I have to say that this was a good week simply because of the opportunity to immerse myself in the experience of the people who use our service and the clinicians who work in the service.

It was also a week of a lot of learning and celebration. On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of bringing together the ‘My Journey‘ app project team for a photo shoot as we have been shortlisted for the E-health Insider Award  ‘Excellence in Mobile Health’ award. It was wonderful to catch up with the project group and in particular, the young person who previously used the Early Intervention service and has been involved with the project. A few of us caught up over some coffee after the photos were taken and he informed me that he is due to be interviewed by Surrey’s Eagle Radio after being nominated as Surrey’s local hero for all his hard work.  I really can’t think of anyone who deserves this accolade more.

A couple of days later, speaking on the radio channel, he shared his personal story and a few of the project group gave a brief background to the ‘My Journey‘ youth mental health app.  I never tire of hearing the shared stories of people who have a lived experience and was stunned into silence as the interview helped to lay our individual and collective aspirations for better mental health bare. We took  some time out after the interview to regroup and lay some plans together for next steps (keep an eye out for these in coming months).

Fast forward to Friday and I was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail notification to inform me that the folks over at Innovation Labs have been extremely generous and completed a comprehensive review of our ‘My Journey‘ youth mental health app.

The main message in their review reads:

Surrey NHS’ My Journey mental health app sounded to me like an E-journal to recovery. However, this was a complete preconception that taught me not to judge an app by its cover.

When I actually tested it out My Journey delivered a series of questions, asking me to rate how intense or bad my feelings were and then gave me tailored advice according to how it rated my responses. It was good.

The review closes with the following summary:

Overall My Journey is very useful mental health app. Here’s a summary of its good and bad points. 


  • Offers good information on advice to help people manage their condition
  • Bright and appealing to the eye
  • Emergency contacts and reminder options
  • Being able to personalise it


  • Cant record answers – unable to look back on good days and bad days and see how well you are doing or how things are changing
  • Isn’t designed for small screens – it looks very squished and the features are small, particularly with the rating function
  • Repetitive advice and tips may hinder daily use.

Constructive feedback is arguably one of the best gifts that you can ever offer someone and I really can’t thank everyone who has been involved in this project and offered their feedback enough. We are not done yet and we hope to do better to improve the app as a part of the service we offer to young people and their families – so thank you and keep the feedback coming.

My Journey App Project Group Interview with Eagle Radio
My Journey App Project Group Interview with Eagle Radio

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